About SCT

Company Information

Drawing On Strengths

SCT (Super Clean Technology) is a proprietary brand of Shanghai Super Clean Technology Co., Ltd. Its products have been widely applied in industries such as semiconductors and photovoltaics. With a deep understanding of the standards and technical requirements of these industries and by combining relevant technical parameters of internationally renowned brands, SCT optimizes high-purity clean system materials from the inside out (physical and chemical properties), integrates advantageous resources, and entrusts domestic and foreign manufacturers with strong equipment capabilities to perform OEM processing based on our new technical specifications (internal control standards). Our quality inspectors monitor the quality throughout the entire process, ensuring that SCT brand offers the best cost-effectiveness and the highest level of safety and reliability. Through our extensive distributor network, SCT products are supplied to a large number of customers, including state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded companies, and private companies.

Elaborate and Meticulous

SCT's valve products ensure both the intrinsic (material) and extrinsic (surface roughness and cleanliness) purity while employing unique LTP low-temperature polishing and SMC precision cleaning technologies. These proprietary technologies ensure that our high-purity clean valve products maintain their cleanliness during gas transmission (without particle generation) and effectively inhibit the accumulation and retention of particle impurities carried by gas media on the inner surface of pipelines, while ensuring the safety and reliability of the pipeline system during operation, making our products stand out in terms of quality.

Safe and Reliable

Our pipeline products conform to the standards and requirements of relevant regulatory authorities for the acceptance of engineering fluid pipelines. We can provide original pressure pipeline production licenses according to customer requirements. All pipeline products undergo eddy current (ET) or X-ray (RT) flaw detection testing before leaving the factory and can be additionally subjected to hydrostatic pressure testing. Valve products undergo multiple precision cleaning processes to remove oil and impurities and undergo rigorous airtightness and durability testing before leaving the factory.

Widely Acclaimed

SCT brand was introduced to the market in 2006 (officially registered trademark in 2009) and has been widely adopted by many major domestic projects, creating many firsts, such as participating in the first domestic 12" project supply (Wuxi SK Hynix 12" chip project in 2007), providing the largest caliber BA tube in the industry (32" diameter, Nanjing Panda G108 in 2014), and more. Due to its high cost-effectiveness and safety and reliability, SCT has been widely used in hundreds of domestic projects over the past decade, including Shanghai Waigaoqiao IBM (Ankor), BOE, Foxconn, AUO, Chimei, China Star, Samsung, Panda, YOFC, Rainbow, and many others, winning numerous accolades for its stable and reliable operation over the past decade.

Product Range

SCT's product range includes pipelines, pipe fittings, valves, connectors, and pressure gauges. The size range in the supply records ranges from 1/8" to 40", with materials including 304/304L/316/316L/VIM+VAR, and execution standards including ASTM A269/270/A312, JISG3459, and material grades including AP/BA/MP/EP.

Better Future Together

As the tide of the times moves forward, SCT brand is also keeping up with the times. In the new global semiconductor industry development landscape, SCT constantly polishes itself, combines new user demands, and continuously improves the adaptability of its products, striving to provide customers with even better quality products in the future.